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Residential and Commercial in Oklahoma

DAB Architecture is qualified to perform a variety of services for a range of commercial and residential construction projects. As a skilled and experienced design-build architectural firm, we can assist you throughout the design and construction process, and we’ll strive to exceed all of your expectations.

We begin each project with our systematic design process that helps us assess the requirements of the job and propose suitable solutions. During this phase, we can use simple computer models and floor plans to make it easier for you to envision what we plan to build.

We then move on to designing the interior and exterior perspective views of your project. At this point, we cover the lighting, electrical, structural elements, material finishes and colors that will be used. This service provides our clients with a more detailed vision of our design.

Our principal architect, David A. Brewer, specializes in design planning as well as detailing and construction administration services. With his detailing knowledge and understanding of the relationship between aesthetics, construction and form, he can help ensure that your building ages well. David can also manage your project throughout the entire construction process to help minimize risk and implement safeguards that can protect you from common construction issues.

In addition to our architectural services, principal architect also offers critical quality control services throughout the duration of our construction project. We also help clients select a skilled contractor and we will make sure that the bid you receive is you receive are both competitive and reasonable. With our assistance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your money is being spent wisely on construction services that will bring your project to life efficiently and affordably.

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