Turning Imagination Into Reality, One Building at a Time

Norman, Oklahoma

AIA Bus Stop

The American Institute of Architects of Central Oklahoma established an international design competition intended to inspire quality design to improve a community’s livability. The program was to design a public transit bus stop that would promote the consideration of alternative transportation along with raising public awareness of the positive impact that artistic expressions could have throughout communities. There were over 80 entries from eight different countries, and the grand prize ultimately went to a team of designers lead by David A. Brewer. Through the collaborative effort of the American Institute of Architects, the OU College of Architecture, FSB Architects & Engineers, and Tyler Media, the bus stop is serving the community near the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, OK. This beautifully designed structure stands out as an iconic sculpture that is elegant and artistic. David’s team certainly achieved the goal of creating a bus stop that stands out in the community as an inviting alternative to the typical public transit fixtures, and will inspire design dialogue for many years to come.

*Completed while employed by FSB Architects & Engineers